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I will name him Jacob

Jacob is thirteen months old. He has dimples that appear when he chases his older brothers down the hallway, toddling to catch them without losing his balance. He's so determined. And though none of us have red hair, he does. The woman at Albertson's grocery store...

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Food Porn and Ancestor Photos

It’s hard to wrap my mind around sometimes. I have more pictures of what I’ve eaten than most of my ancestors. Seriously. Maybe you’re not a foodie like I am, so you don’t #foodporn pictures on Instagram. Or take pictures of artfully presented meals in restaurants. Or decadent meals you make to post on social media to show off what you were lucky enough to eat, so others are jealous.
If you’re not posting the food porn pictures like me, you probably have a glut of photos of something else. If you don’t believe me, scroll through your smart phone camera gallery, or social media feed. I’ll wait…

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