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For Google Analytics, they told me you can use this opt out browser add on

I have to write this message, and let you opt out, because it’s the law. Especially for my EU readers. I am sure that you know by now if you use the internet what a cookie is, but just in case this is the first website you’ve ever visited with a message like this. Here is a link  I found to explain it.

If you’re like me though, just hearing the word cookie makes you want a snickerdoodle, because they are the bombdiggity. I can’t really help you with that today. I have my own eating issues. I do have a recipe for DIY Ceasar salad, which is probably a healthier option anyway. If you still want a cookie though, go for it.

Glad that’s out of the way.

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Genealogy Jen  I’m the one that writes this blog. You can read about me by clicking here or reading my blog, because I mostly write personal narrative pieces. True story.

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