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Parenting and Potential


It’s a word I think about a lot as a parent. What could my boys become someday? What can they accomplish? Who will they be? Parenting my gifted children, it feels like there are so many possibilities

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Keeping up With the Twinkies

Before, you discount my intellect, or roll your eyes, and click on a different article to read, let me share why you should add more reality television to your media consumption routine, and how it may broaden your knowledge base, like it has mine.

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I’m afraid of becoming a hoarder

I know that I struggle with executive functioning skills. The Cerebral Executive Officer that runs my brain can be pretty incompetent. Her job is to put order to chaos, prioritize my competing priorities, and make sure that stuff gets done… especially the jobs that no one wants to do like cleaning my bathroom.

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Focus on the present

To love someone is a choice that you must make to move forward, and not dwell on annoyance, anger and frustration of the present.

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Before You Try to Convert Me to Your Cause…

Like most of you, my social media feeds are full of donation requests and people wanting me to, join their cause, or to volunteer my time. The causes are varied and equally important. There are so many organizations that want my help, especially during the holiday season.

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Successfully Advocating for Your Child’s Grade Skip

When it comes to parenting, my style’s somewhere between helicopter and free-range. I’m not a micro-manager of details. Neither am I a let-them-figure-it-all-out-on-their-own, it will all be okay type. It was uncomfortable for me to speak up,but being a parent has challenged me to do things that make me feel uncomfortable to meet the needs of my children. I pushed through my discomfort, and I’m glad that I did.

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